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After years of pursuing a solo career in music, Loki discovered his passion in the intricacies of music production. In 2022, he officially established Rothman Records with the development of his exclusive recording studio space. The creation of this space has empowered Loki to expand his creative horizons and take his artistic pursuits to new levels.

At Rothman Records, Loki collaborates with a diverse array of South African and international artists, offering exclusive services inclusive of songwriting, recording, production, mixing, and mastering. His meticulous attention to detail, great genre versatility and exceptional recording artistry have earned him acclaim within the South African music industry, persistently delivering exceptional performance and quality in every produced track.

In addition to his work with individual artists, Rothman Records serves as a hub for scoring music for television, film, and theater productions. Loki’s contributions to the South African entertainment landscape have been profound, with his compositions enriching storytelling and enhancing cinematic experiences.